Rejuvenating and regenerating sugar body peeling

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Natural, noble emollients improve hydration and oil the skin, acting like a mask. The peeling cleanses and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Peeling operation:

removes dead skin
improves skin hydration
smoothes and softens the skin
sets a protective layer
The product contains:

Coconut oil
Bee wax
Cocoa butter
Macadamia oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Mango Butter
Carrot oil
Apricot kernel oil
Sea-buckthorn oil
Grapefruit oil
Lemon oil
Product suitable for vegetarians.

How to use: Apply the scrub to cleansed, dried feet and massage in a circular motion. Note - wash the peeling with water only (do not use soap or other detergent). The peeling works like a foot mask - wait a few minutes for the oils to be absorbed by our skin. After using the preparation, the skin stays smooth and velvety for a long time. Use 1-2 times a week.

Do not apply peeling to cut, irritated, burned or rash skin. Do not use immediately after sunbathing or depilation.

Content: 150g